Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The imagery with in this video i believe shows a good example from different social classes in America from the poor, to everyday people and shows a wide range off images that i think show america in its true form and not glamorized.
The video helps with ideas for the american project with different ideas for illustrations.

Monday, 21 March 2011

political cartoon

This could work with both projects print media and the american project.

Lino cut (Experimenting with different print methods)

(Dang Didddley Dip)

The lino in its self i found a hard process to do and didn't enjoy the process but i found the end result came out pretty well.

color hands

I was just experimenting with the different color change and like the overlaying look of the piled hands.

more print design ideas

Im going to use the hands to represent how much the card is worth as u can see above. The title for my card designs is going to be (cards for dummies) and this is the reason why im going to use the political figures as jack, king, queen and joker and the bobble heads represent how they just agree to anything and dnt have a clue what there doing.

print making (card design ideas)

my bad sketch of gordon brown

Im gona aim to use political figures with a bobble head like effect for my jack, king, queen and joker

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More type ideas for the children's book

The typeface is called (Jokerman LET)
i think the typeface is nice looking and would suit a children's book but i would say it has the same problem as the last text that in a phrase it could be abit confusing and not very legible.

type ideas for the children's book

This type i made by taking a serif font then in photoshop using free transform and then the warp tool to twist the ends of the type to give it more of a playful look which would grab the attention of the child.
The problem i would say with the type is its not very legible which would make it hard for the child to read.

Monday, 28 February 2011

The Prohibition

During the 1920's when the sale, transportation and drinking of alcohol became illegal. This image shows the police poring the alcohol down the sewer to show how strict they were on the ban of alcohol.
Even though it had became illegal to drink, sell or transport alcohol many people still did and this is where Al capone rose and became a well known notorious gangster who smuggled alcohol across the boarder bribing the police in the process so he could. Then selling it to secret underground pubs.

I could use the prohibition as a focal point to make either protest banners against the drinking ban or some sort of poster either prasing what Al capone did or against.